The Amazing Rules

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The Amazing Rules

Post by Neo Wolf on Wed Sep 30, 2015 2:02 pm

General Rules:
1. Please Respect Each Other
2. Please Refrain from over Use of Vulgar Language
3. No Offensive Sprays (Sadly this one is fully on Staff opinion. If your asked by 2+ staff you must change it or just not spray it)
4. No Hacking
5. Do not argue with Staff
7. Have Fun
8. Do not Excessively Troll
Game Rules:
1. Do Not RDM (Random Death Match)
2. Do not Ghost (Telling the living about things in game when you are dead)
3. Don't Hack
4. Do No Map Glitch
Specialty Rules:
1. Do not leave the round of or before your slay (That counts as avoiding DeathMatch)
2. Do not beg for Staff, you have to apply like the rest of the people.

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