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-Disrespect (IF warn 2 time ) Gag/ Mute for a round (Three or More) Mute/Gag as long as the staff member sees right. I fit continues after multiple punishments a kick can be in place.
-Excessive vulgar Language Mute/Gag according to how much vulgarity was used.
-Offensive Sprays (If asked by two or more staff) If they do not change it Kick them if you see them use it (This includes coming across it at all during the game)
-Hacking = PERMA BAN.
- Arguing with Staff (If they do it a lot) Then a Gag/Mute as that staff member feels necessary
- Have Fun = HAVE FUN
- Trolling (If asked to stop twice) Then Kick them, If they continue pass that a Ban for a day, and pass that ban as the staff member sees necessary.
-RDM:(Side Note: If you rdm you will be slayed the round you rdm along with the coisiding punishment)
RDM x1- 1 Slay
RDM x2- 2 Slays
RDm x3- 1 day ban
RDM x5-8- 1 week ban
RDMx10+- Perma Ban
1st time: Warning
2nd time: Gag/Mute for a round
3rd-5th Time: Gag accordingly
6th Time- Kick
7-9 Time: 1 day ban
10+ Time: as Staff see accordingly
Hackin: Perma Ban
Map Glitching:
1st time: Warning
2+ Ban/ Kick Accordingly
Avoiding Punishment:
RDM and Leave: Ban # of days as slays
Any Other Cases: Double the Punishment and/or ban from 1-10 days
Begging Staff for rank: Gag/Mute at first if continued then kick.

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