Staff Application Tempate

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Staff Application Tempate

Post by Neo Wolf on Wed Sep 30, 2015 3:49 pm

Name (In-game):
Steam Id:
Age (This is just a formality):
Hours on the Server (You can apply before you reach 25 hours but we will only accept or deny it once you reach 25 hours):
Do you have past Staff Experience (Please include name of server):
Do you have a mic? (Preferred but not necessary):
Can you be Mature about problems?:
Have you even been banned from a TTT server before (if yes right down for what):
Write a short paragraph about why you should be mod and how you will help the server:
Do you agree to a Interview Via Skype?:

Make you application in the APPLY HERE section by clicking "New Topic" while in that section. Just Copy and Paste this template onto your application to fill it out.

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